FaderFox UC4

A faderbox midi device.

  • Features
    • Compact design with metal faceplate8 push encoders without detents (resolution about 36 pulses)
    • 9 30mm faders, programmable snap function
    • 8 Buttons with LED for switchable parameters
    • 8 independent groups for encoders and faders/buttons
    • About 264 commands per setup (33 controls x 8 groups)
    • 18 setups with backup/restore function contain all controller settings
  • Type faderbox
  • Protocol midi
  • Vendor info
  • Manual
  • MKtl Description

All controls (incl. push buttons) fully programmable in the device by channel, type, number.

Absolute and relative controller modes, and 14 bit high resolution encoder mode for sensitive parameters.

Programmable value ranges with min/max values, and data feedback for encoders and faders avoid value jumps.

MIDI in and out ports feature routing and merge functionality.


  • osx – tested and working. 2016-03-16, adc
  • linux – unknown
  • win – unknown

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