The Nord Drum 2 is a one of a kind drum synthesizer for drummers, percussionists and producers seeking unique and playable percussive sounds.

With an extremely lively dynamic response, flexible connectivity and a broad sound palette ranging from classic synthetic drums to life-like tuned percussion and acoustic drums, the Nord Drum 2 is both an inspiring instrument and an infinite source of sounds.

  • Features
    • 6-channel Percussion Synthesizer
    • Second generation sound engine with Resonant Synthesis
    • Subtractive synthesis and FM-synthesis
    • Drive, Crush and EQ-effects per channel
    • Repeat Mode for delay like effects
    • 6 generic inputs for drum pads and acoustic triggers
    • Nord Pad input
    • MIDI in/out and full CC-control
    • Stereo Output
    • Headphone Output
  • Type drum
  • Protocol midi
  • Vendor info
  • Manual
  • MKtl Description


  • osx – unknown
  • linux – unknown
  • win – unknown

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