Arturia Beatstep (Rel16 custom).

A multiController midi device.

  • Features
    • 16 drum pads with velocity and polyphonic aftertouch
    • 16 rotary encoders; supporting absolute and dec/inc mode
    • 1 BIG rotary encoder; supporting absolute and dec/inc mode
    • 2 Buttons: play, pause, that send MMC by default
  • Type multiController
  • Protocol midi
  • Vendor info
  • Manual
  • MKtl Description
  • Desc file for use with HH’s custom HW Template “Relatively#1Global”:

  • all knobs send Relative mode #1 with fast Acceleration

  • all controllers send on global channel

  • only for Relative mode: sends CCvalues 63/65 for dec/inc, a maximum of 42, 86 with Fast Acceleration

  • 16 glob. MIDI channels can be easily switched on HW (CHAN Button plus 1 of 16 Pads), so use that as 16 pages w’ identical cc/midi nr’s.

  • alternatively/additionally, 16 layout ‘templates’ with different CC assignments could be created and easily switched on HW (RECALL Button plus 1 of 16 Pads), but that’s a lot of work to edit, and 256 pages are a bit too much anyways?

  • can MMC be read? For now, the 2 transport buttons are remapped to NoteOn/Offs.


-add paging via 16 MIDI Chans


  • osx – tested and working. 2015-03-15, adc
  • linux – unknown
  • win – unknown

Something missing? Please edit the description on GitHub and send us a pull request!